Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bad Blogger

Can you tell spring is finally here? I'm making the most of it by spending a whole lot of time outside. Here are some quick thoughts...

1) My ankle is still not happy, so I'm doing a lot more hiking and cross-training than running. The area that was injured is doing fine, but time in the cast and the awkward gait from the cast caused another nuisance injury in the form of achilles tendonitis. Hills hurt, the backs of shoes hurt, massage hurts, walking in the morning hurts...blah. I'm back in road shoes finding as many flat trails as possible.

2) Because of #1, I didn't get to run my favorite race that welcomes spring - Don't Fence Me In!
My plan had been to run the 30k, but instead, I got to be a cheerleader taking a whole lot of pictures in the process. As in over 300 pictures! Some still need to be uploaded, but eventually, a link may be added to the race website so that runners can search for photos of themselves. I'm sorry that I couldn't catch everyone - the batteries in both cameras died before the end of the 12k.

It was fun cheering on familiar faces. Rebecca did awesome in the 30k. It was also fun meeting Bill, who, during the 12k, ran by asking if I was the running with my thoughts website girl. Loved it! Anyway, he's taken up trail running and gearing up for Elkhorn. Go Bill!

3) We bought a house. We've been doing our research for several months, but finally started working with a realtor two weeks ago. Ironically, I fell in love with the house I had originally refused to look at for a few petty reasons. It's in a great neighborhood, close to trails, has a big yard with lots of gardening possibilities, and it was at a great price. Each house we looked at had a different feel. This one felt like home. With good peaceful, happy energy.

4) The dog search is on. The humane society has been visited and a trip to Kalispell is planned to meet Berni's puppies. They are cute balls of fur, and we'll see if one of them would like to bond with us. If not, there are many out there needing a home. It's just finding the right one. It's even more exciting now that Rebecca also adopted a dog. She's adorable and a fun addition to our running get-togethers.

5) Because I work in the high schools, I got to experience my first Vigilante Day. My co-worker and I took in the parade, visited with students, and had a good lunch downtown before returning to the constantly growing pile of paperwork. There's something to be said for tradition, and it was a great day.

That's it for now. Oh, and yay to Danni who had her first safe "run" in with a bear family!


Danni said...

I'm sorry to hear your ankle is still giving you trouble. ACK!!! But everything else seems to be as it should be! Woohoo! New house!

Anonymous said...

So good to meet you and in such an unexpected place on the ridge. I recognized you immediately - you are a cyber celebrity! Saw Rebecca today at the Running Club workout and mentioned that we should run sometime.

Iris said...

Forgot to respond Bill! I'm building back some mileage now but am still slow. We'll have to coordinate a weekend ridge run at some point. Any other races planned for you?

Bill said...

Yesterday Rebecca and I ran in a Capital High - Race to Recycle 5K. It was fun and so was the meeting afterwards that we spent sorting running shoes that were donated by the Helena Running Club and drinking wine. Some are going to the local middle school and some are being sent to Africa where Rebecca was in the Peace Corp. I am slow too so when you are ready lets run and hike.