Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things

I was tagged on Facebook to make a list of 25 random things about myself. I found the activity interesting, although much harder than expected. Since I don't have anything to post on the running front, here goes...

1) Cartoons do not appeal to me. My mom says I wouldn’t watch them as a child either.
2) I dated a guy in college who was a marathon runner. I tried running with him once, but made it one block. One reason we broke up was because he ran too much. Ironic that I completed my first 50k this year.
3) It’s rare that I make it through a movie without doing something else at the same time such as reading, searching the internet, etc. Steve adapted, but I don’t think Melissa and Frank ever did.
4) I moved 11 times in the past 11 years.
5) I attended Gallaudet University for graduate school and to learn ASL. Signing is still at the top of my “to be feared” list.
6) I’m addicted to reading trail running blogs.
7) I know I look better with long hair, but I can’t stand the feel of it against my face.
8) My very best girlfriends have always been my mom and my grandma.
9) I like rules.
10) During my move from DC to Montana, I cried from North Dakota all the way to Great Falls, and continued on and off for the next year. Reverse culture shock.
11) I can be mean.
12) A long time ago, I danced. When I hear beautiful music, I still choreograph in my head.
13) I could eat a box of Milk Duds every day.
14) I struggle with the concept of God.
15) Before my internship in Atlanta, where I lived with Faith and her two dogs, I didn’t really like dogs. I fell in love with Gus, and have been obsessed with owning my own since then.
16) I do not trust charming or schmoozy people and avoid having to deal with them as much as possible.
17) I liked being a CPS social worker much better than being a therapist, but know I’m a better therapist than I was a CPS worker.
18) Most fears of mine have been overcome by being brave in front of children. Spiders in the cabin, camping in winter, picking off ticks, the zip-line, fair rides, storms, sign language, and the list goes on.
19) I dream of big adventures, like running a 100 mile race, but I’m not always brave.
20) I worry that my niece won’t know me because I live too far away.
21) My greatest strength is hopefulness.
22) I absolutely cannot go to the gym. My husband bought me a 10 session punch card one brutal, icy winter. I used it twice and later just bought YakTrax.
23) I have probably shopped for clothing for other people more than I’ve shopped for myself which is probably why my clothes don’t always fit right.
24) I believe the concepts of fate, destiny, and providence are often used as excuses. Why not take credit for your good or bad decisions?
25) I sleep until the very last possible moment and then do what my husband calls the “Mad Scramble” to get to work on time.

The ankle still hurts. I walked without the brace for 15 minutes two days ago. It swelled up again. So, I'm back to as much yoga I can do and free weights. Blah.

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Melissa said...

Yoga??? You've given it to yoga?? you must be desperate!