Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Learning to run uphill

Today was my second week joining the local club for a short trail run. I can't say enough positives about this group. Many of the runners are veterans of ultra distance and would kick my butt on any day. It doesn't seem to matter because they always wait at various points along the trail to make sure no one is left behind. How great is that?

After the first run, it was very obvious that I don't have much experience RUNNING uphill. Partly I've been too lazy, but also there wasn't regular access to these kind of trails where I used to live. But, I'm trying and I'm determined to get better. The main concern is my heart rate. Once I start heading uphill, it sky rockets. My goal tonight was to keep the last runners in the group in sight, and just focus on doing the best I could. It was a blast. The trails were new to me and the views were beautiful. Plus, once we got going, I completely forgot about the crazy wind.

Another change is that this group is made up mostly of men. I'm used to running primarily with women. It's not a negative at all, just different. I very much appreciated the encouragement from the group, especially Martin coming back down to run with me up the last bit of uphill!
I also got to enjoy some local history facts regarding some of the trails from the only other woman running tonight. Several members of the group are running Le Grizz this weekend, so am wishing them luck and good weather!

The following pictures were taken this past weekend. After running 10 miles with Rebecca on Saturday, Steve and I did some hiking to check out the fall colors. The sun wasn't cooperating with me, so the pictures don't quite capture the scenery, but I'm posting them anyway.

View of a lone biker on the trail across the gulch.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. We're helping Rebecca put on a 5k to raise money for Team in Training Saturday morning and then off to Bozeman for some much needed shopping!

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