Monday, March 10, 2008

Runaway me...

...right into a tree. The trails were a combination of mud and snow. As I came around a curve, the trail turned into an abrupt long downhill completely covered in ice. I tried to slow down with no luck. I tried directing myself to a less icy area, but there wasn't one. As I was sliding, I was thinking about which bone was about to break, and how I could fall "correctly" in order to do the least amount of damage. Then I saw it, a lone tree close enough to grab. And I did. In a huge bear hug kind of way. I love that tree.

After the ice and mud (see picture below) the rest of my weekend was spent on nice, dry roads. That is where I will remain until it is truly spring. I've survived the winter without major incident, and I'd like to keep it that way. The week ended with 35 miles and lots of hills. Not too bad for me.
For the social work and mental health people out there, please consider attending a conference or training with Toni Cavanagh Johnson. Intermountain Children's Home sponsored an event in which she was the main speaker. I found it to be interesting and helpful information. Plus, Dr. Johnson is really an outstanding, entertaining speaker. Obtaining CEU's is not always nearly so fun.

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Danni said...

Good job with the running -- and hugs for doing social work.