Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lucky girl

My goal was to keep the mileage up to 35-40 this week, and it took creative planning with the work and social schedule to reach it. I ended up with 37 miles plus some hiking thrown in. Whenever I start to miss the city, a trip into Glacier park reminds me why I'm here. These are a few pictures from our Saturday hike.

This morning, I was supposed to run with the group, but when I got up and saw it was raining, I wimped out. It was a good excuse to sleep. Once Steve and I finally woke up, we decided coffee, a newspaper and real estate browsing was in order.

With Steve's encouragement, I put on the whole long run arsenal of items, and ran from our cabin to town, a little over 13 miles. Steve took the picture below of a cold me post run at the historical trail parking lot. I thought running shorts were a great idea as I left the cabin in sunshine, but as you can see from the red legs, I could have used running pants once the hailstones started. Steve was a gem, meeting me in town with warm clothes and a macchiato with whipped cream. He even let me have tuna and noodles for a post run meal (and he HATES the smell of tuna.) Aren't I a lucky girl?


Danni said...

What rain? It didn't rain on us silly! Sounds like a lovely day though.

Iris said...

I know - I'm a wimp. I was even dressed and ready to go. I think it was actually sprinkling, but the drive to Somers at 6:30 am seemed like too much on a nice, cozy, Sunday morning. I missed you all though!

Meghan said...

Hello Iris! Thank you for commenting on my blog so I could discover you and yours! Nice to meet another running Montanan!

I scrolled a bit through your blog and especially appreciated the enlightening essay on HuntSA. Geez, talk about combining almost un-combinable purposes!


Iris said...

Thanks for posting Meghan. We blogging Montanans will have to meet up at a race one day!