Sunday, March 23, 2008

Is this a problem?

I'm spring cleaning. During the process, I pulled out all my running shoes. Some have many miles, like my Asics Gel Eagles, which they don't make any more. Some have very few miles, like the Montrail Hardrocks, and I can't seem to throw any of them away. I've branched out this last year, trying to find the "perfect" trail running shoe. It's tough. My poor big toes, a little deformed from years of pointe shoes, demand extra room. It seems when I find a shoe with a wider toe box, there isn't enough support. So, I'm putting the question out there for the runners among us - what's your favorite shoe? And, if you have similar foot issues as me, what shoe seems to work best for you?

Mileage was good this week, despite the work and travel schedule.
Sunday - 13
Monday - Off
Tuesday - 10
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - 7.5
Friday - Off
Saturday - 15

Happy Easter!


Casey said...

I didn't know how to "contact" you, so Imana just leave a comment. Yes, been dealing with the shoe issue for years, but it just gets easier each pair. Real reason I'm contacting you, is because that opening picture on your blog is amazing. I am in a beautiful and remote area, but it is desert, and I do not see visions like that anywhere around here. Great pic! All I really wanted to say. Keep running!

Iris said...

Thanks Casey. Visit Montana one day - there are many beautiful places like the one in the picture!

Meghan said...

Let's see. For speed workouts, Brooks Axiom. For regular old training on moderate trails, Brooks Adrenaline. For the funkiest of trails, Montrail Odessey. For the really long funkiest of trail days, Montrail Hardrocks.

I think your collection looks perfect, by the way. As a runner's shoe closet should. ;)

Oh man, sorry to hear that you were real sick. Sounds nasty, and I hope you're onwards towards full recovery soon!