Monday, August 1, 2011

Starting some controversy, but I've kind of had it

Grrrr... that's from me. What's up with all of the off leash dogs in town? I'm not talking only trails, although we see them there too. Right now, we've got neighbors who think that letting your dogs out the front door to run freely is ok. They MIGHT check on them an hour later. In the meantime, they've chased down every other dog (and owner) walking by. And stomped around in my flower garden a good part of the time.

People may not think it's a big deal, but read this article. Not too funny, right?

My dog is not perfect. He occasionally runs after a deer, barks at the pizza delivery guy, or snarls at a stranger who get too close to me. Buddy was adopted from the Humane Society after spending years with someone who did not treat him well. Which also means he's got baggage. Combine that with his breed and you have a recipe for unpredictability.

That's why he's on a leash most of the time. At first, I felt bad about this. Border Collies need free space, a job, to run, etc. However, I've learned that he doesn't seem to mind his leash. He's just happy to be out with me. Which is a lot of the time. His leash reduces the possibility of conflict which makes every outing a happy one.

Why am I on this kick? Because I'm tired of other people allowing their dogs to charge full speed ahead at Buddy, get in his face, climb all over him, sniff his privates a little too well all the while calling out "don't worry, he, she, it is friendly." Especially when I've already asked my dog to sit off trail to wait for others to pass by. Even more so when I spot another dog acting aggressively and call out that my dog isn't always friendly. If I'm courteous to give a warning, can you be courteous and control your dog?

End of rant.


Xaarlin said...

I can't agree with you more. I live in the city and people let their dogs off leash in the apartment. My border collie goes bat sh!t crazy when dogs are loose in the hallway. I wish people would be considerate of space. They let their on leash dogs get up in my dogs face (while mine is an inch away from me while im practically choking him so he doesnt attack) i cannot imagine getting chased by a loose dog. How are people so clueless? what the heck is wrong with people?!

T Z said...

Preach it!!

Abby said...

Drives me crazy, too! We have leash laws to keep people and pets safe. I can't stand their disregard both for the safety of their own pets as well as mine. I do what I can to be a courteous dog owner because that encourages the city to stay pet-friendly. Too many people abuse the privilege and we're bound to lose it.