Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Travels

The start of summer brought some worry about how I was going to spend my free time. Never having been a public school employee before, I was a bit wired about summers off. No need to worry, the summer is BOOKED! First up was a week in Bozeman for a school conference. Steve and Buddy joined me and we camped at a beautiful spot in Hyalite Canyon. We saw so many gorgeous places and I kept forgetting the camera.

Due to my conference and limited time, I had to deal with morning road runs. Buddy and I got up early to get 4 miles in each morning. Easy to do when you are in a heavenly place.

As we were setting up for a campfire one night, we noticed black clouds rolling in. The thunder and rain continued throughout the night. It was kind of soothing and I slept well, but others obviously did not. When Buddy and I left for our morning run, campers emerged wet and tired, and started packing it up. Too bad, because they missed out on a spectacular, full of sunshine day!
Buddy and I took advantage of it and ran an old and very muddy logging road as the last of the clouds disappeared. It curved up and around eventually overlooking (from 6700 feet up) our campsite area.

No wildlife, but I did bring bear spray. Lots of tracks though.

On the return trip we followed the creek back to our campsite.

We debated staying another day, but Steve was suffering from a pretty nasty head cold, so we came home to prepare for the next adventure. My marathon schedule called for 13 miles (no, I still haven't decided which marathon, but aiming for one in September). Buddy and I left the house a little after 6 am to escape the blazing sun. Even so, it was getting warm as we reached the top of Mt. Ascension. Bud took some breaks in the shade, but was a stubborn bugger, refusing to drink any water.

We both admired the varieties of wild flowers.

And other little critters out there.

Steve was nice enough to come and rescue Bud at mile 6. It was just too hot for him. My run continued under cloudless sky and 75 degrees. Despite my sunscreen, I felt like I was being slowly fried. The views were stunning though, which kept my mind occupied until I finally reached mile 13 and walked the rest of the way home.

I can tell the core and back work is making a difference. Even on the hard days, I feel much stronger. Hopefully, that will motivate me to continue and not return to being the lazy slug I like to be.

A couple days here, and then I'm off to North Dakota for the home town reunion. It will be nice to see the family, but I'm not a fan of these kind of things. Gossip, drinking and street dances oh my! At least there will be some early morning prairie runs to keep me smiling.

Oh, and before I forget, send some good thoughts the way of Rebecca - on her way to completing her first Ironman!!!


HappyTrails said...

Beautiful scenery you had for your runs. Out of curiosity, how long can you take Buddy out for? Have a great week of training!

TooeleTwins said...

Nice! I love running while camping. Me and the dog are usually the only ones out there. Here's a suggestion for a September 'thon: Mid-Mountain in Park City, UT. It's all trail, and it would be nice to meet you in person!

HappyTrails said...

Have you tried any glucosomine for Buddy? We used it for our little schnauzer years ago who had developed a bit of arthritis in his "mature" years - after being on the glucosomine for a few months, he became a new man again - jumping on and off his chair in the living room (which he had stopped doing due to discomfort). We found that brands DO make a difference. We swore by a brand, I think 21st Century? we got at the pet store, it has some sort of gold medal looking symbol on the label. I was going to suggest the Mid Mountain Trail Marathon, too! It would be an awesome choice. We have never run it but have mountain biked it several times. It is a wonderful trail in a great setting!

T.C. said...

I've been a public school employee for 20 years. Summer vacation is a beautiful thing!

Christina said...

Your post is so peaceful.
Your comment about the core work is interesting. I keep thinking I need to increase what I do, which isn't much of anything. Your mentioning that you can tell means that I need to get doing mine.

T Z said...

Just happened upon your blog. You write such awesome reoprts of your runs, and I love the pics! I'll be back! :-)