Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yak Trax Customer Service

There's nothing better than good customer service. Today, I enjoyed a surprise visit from our friendly UPS man carrying a box filled with brand new pairs of Yak Trax and lots of Hotties toe and hand warmers (favorites of mine)! Along with it, a nice note from Whitney apologizing for the early demise of my last pair of Yak Trax and explaining the changes made to the new ones to make them stronger. Yes, it's true, who doesn't like free stuff? But, it's especially fun to get free stuff when it's something you really need and like. As I've said before, my first pair lasted over two years, a ridiculously long time considering our winters. It's a bummer the second and third pair did not, but I'm excited to give them another try. Maybe this package will bring a little snow love my way?

Also, my official time for Snow Joke was 2:15 something. I must have had the autopause on or something since my Garmin said 2:11. Oh well, it was still a fun time and now I'll have new goals!
I was pretty sore the day after, so took a couple days off to just walk and hike. I walk/ran yesterday, then Rebecca and I took the dogs for a 4 miler today. Felt pretty good. Hope all of you are surviving this insane full moon cycle. For me, it's just made me think the mental health/moon connection is true.


BPO said...

Customer services are always better.
They try to help you and give you a concrete solution as far as possible, which is their sole motive.
"There's nothing better than good customer service." thanks for the compliment.

Danni said...

That's awesome! I love yaktrax but mine never last a full winter. Maybe I'll give them another chance.

xt4 said...

That is awesome. Though I've had 2 pairs that I used for out on the driveway, snowblowing. The one pair last winter lasted me a few weeks, the pair this winter lasted exactly half an hour. So that was awesome. A flawed product, I decided, and so won't return. But I'm impressed your last pair lasted so long - and I had other friends who've said good things - but mostly impressed with their customer service with you, so good for you.

Stephanie Gehrsitz said...

What a nice letter! I find running/sports companies always so nice. Glad you finally got your snow:-)

T.C. said...

It's always nice to hear about good service! It's lacking in so many businesses these days. Yay for Yak Trax!

Yaktrax Services said...


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