Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good-bye 2009

2009 held some great moments in my personal life, but those moments did not really include running. More like injuries - high ankle sprain, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, two broken toes, and one broken tailbone. Almost an entire year off. Now, 12 lbs heavier and starting to regain some fitness, I'm contemplating 2010.

My goals:

1) Rebuild my running base cautiously. The AT seems to play nice as long as I stretch a lot and walk before running.

2) Incorporate strength training and core work. The exercises I picked up from months of rehabilitation are helping, but I'd welcome any suggestions for workouts any of you are doing at home.

3) Lose the above mentioned 12 lbs!

4) Rejoin the running community soon. I do miss group runs. Just not sure I can keep up quite yet.

5) Pick a couple, few, some? races for motivation. On my contemplation list...

January Lame Ass - I can't run a 50k on one long run of 8 miles, so I'm going to skip the Fat Ass, the Half Ass or maybe even the Skinny Ass and do what I can.

May Don't Fence Me In 30k - This is the one race I'm really hoping to do. A great course full of the best trails close to home.

June Wulfman's CDT 14k - Not a long race, but I think it looks fun. Especially because it's put on by the Butte Piss and and Moan Runners Club. I just like their name.

July Missoula Half Marathon - Take it or leave it. It's on the list because some friends from Montana and possibly from North Dakota want to run it.

July Swan Crest 100 - No, mom, not run it - VOLUNTEER for it!!!!

August Elkhorn 50k - Only if my AT is gone, gone, gone.

October Le Grizz 50 - This is my dream race; one based on the hope that I'm injury free and having a stellar running year ending with the completion of my first 50 miler.

What are your plans?

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Anonymous said...

having too many injuries in one year is what i know way too well! but in the end it's all positive; makes you think about your workouts and weaknesses. i'm sure with all that gained knowledge you'll rock 2010.