Saturday, August 15, 2009


North Dakota has been good to me. The two weeks leading up to vacation were busy with testifying, finishing up my job, visiting with relatives, removing wallpaper, priming and painting the kitchen and dining room, etc. I ended up with pneumonia and lots of medication. I've got to stop doing this to myself. Go, go, go without any consideration of the aftermath.

But, going home is always good for me. There's something about the prairie, the wind, the sun, the smell of dirt that restores me. Plus, time with family. Buddy got to be a farm dog for a few days and wore himself out. His highlights included a good roll in a cow pie followed by a very cold bath from the hose, moving machinery, riding in the tractor, running free for miles, and herding my parent's cat.

I've finally been able to run. Four weeks ago, I gave up even trying - it was just too painful. The rest, the active release, the consistency of stretching must have worked. I noticed last weekend that there was no longer any pain or tightness. Not even in the morning getting out of bed. So, Buddy and I have extended our walks while adding random 3-4 minute jogging segments. It just feels good.

The best part of vacation though has been gardening with mom. Since buying a house, I've been excited to make my first perennial order. I've got a rock garden to fill and can't wait to see it take shape. Steve and I figured out our budget, drew out a plan, picked the tried and true along with some new, interesting items to try. Endless possibilities - can't wait until they arrive!

Off to prepare for my parent's 40 anniversary. Will post more pictures when I get back.

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Jo Lynn said...

Oh MAN! My PT just learned active release and practiced it on me for the first time last week. I HATED it. It hurt like a mother and made me sweat!