Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Own Backyard

In preparation for my family coming to visit, Steve and I tried out the campfire ring in our backyard. Next week, we'll be sure to have S'Mores. As for the Friday midnight Glacier Park went a little differently than planned. We left Kalispell around 9:30 pm, picked up Danni, Carsten, and Callie along the way, only to find Going to the Sun Road closed right at the Loop parking area. Message to Levi (who seemed to be in charge according to the dialogue between workers): Please don't close the road on a clear, full moon Friday night!

We weren't the only disappointed people. Lots of bikers and cars with the same idea having to turn around. We persevered though, and ran the road toward Avalanche and back, giving us about 14 miles. The full moon amidst the mountains was eerie and gorgeous and it was trance like running with headlamps at 2:00 am. It was good to meet Carsten, who will also be running this race with us in August. Thank you to Gretchen who drove us all safely home that night/morning. I crawled into bed at 4:30 am and continued to sleep much of the weekend. Wish I had pictures for you, but haven't yet figured out how to take a good one in the dark.

Last, I encourage you to see "The Dark Knight" at the theatre. Despite it being about 20 minutes too long for me, I would even say (shock and awe) that I'd see it again. The Joker stole the show for me, and it's too bad Heath Ledger isn't alive to enjoy the character's success.

That's all for awhile. My family arrives on Wednesday so I'll be enjoying the outdoors with them!

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Berni said...

Too bad about your moonlight run. Running up to Avalanche must still have been really cool - especially amidst the very large trees. It would have reminded me of Sherwood Forest - in the dark...

I saw The Dark Knight with my son Jesse also this weekend. I was apprehensive - thinking it might be too much of an assault on my senses - but it was really really good. After I got over the initial thought of Heath Ledger's death and his character on-screen; I was totally engrossed in the movie.

During our drive home - I commented that Christian Bale made a good Batman and asked my son if he has played Batman before. Jesse's response - 'Mom, I'm not even going to answer that...geeeez Mom.' Sooo - I now have DVR'd Batman Begins at home - to watch at some point...wowowowow.