Monday, July 21, 2008

Intercostal Strain

Not sure how I did it, but I strained the cartilage and/or muscles between a couple ribs near my sternum. Ouch. It hurts to breathe deeply, twist, or sleep on that side. I took today off from work, hoping to rest and recover. Which means I had time for another post and some reflection on training for my race on August 2. Here's the weekly mileage for the last eight weeks.

Week ending:

June 1 - 40
June 8 - 40
June 15 - 25
June 22 - 48
June 29 - 40
July 6 - 60
July 13 - 40
July 20 - 25

Even though I should have been increasing my mid-week runs, I'm just happy I got in a few 5-7 milers each week with my work schedule. I did get in a lot of time on the feet during the weekends, so I'm not really worried about completing the distance (just doing it fast enough). The good news is that during the long runs I was able to figure out the food, water, running equation. Gels, Builder Bars, water and S-caps seem to be the winning combination. My biggest concerns for race day are the possibility of very warm temperatures and the start of fire season. I'm not even going to think about the rib situation. I'm looking forward to a day on the trails with Callie and Leanne - hopefully we all got our registrations in on time!!!


Danni said...

huh???? wha wha wha??? ouch!!!

Marisa said...

Yuck! Do you know how you did it? when it's mild I think you can still run on it, but it sounds like yours is pretty severe....I definitely feel your pain on this one...