Friday, June 27, 2008

Mixed bag of information

The Western States 100 mile race, which Danni has been preparing for since December, has been cancelled due to the California wildfires. She handled it pretty well - or maybe she's in shock. Either way, there will be no cyberstalking the runners this weekend.

Updated review on the Fuel Belt Excursion. I still find this one comfortable, with little bouncing. The negatives I've discovered include 1) it's a one size fits all, and I've got it cinched as small as it will go, 2) because of #1, and my summertime smaller weight it no longer fits, 3) because I cinched it so tight, the velcro has pulled and finally gave out. I was running along and suddenly the belt just flew off. I've debated finding someone who actually can sew (not me!) to replace the velcro and reconfigure it to a smaller size. The problem is finding someone, and not having a hydration system while it's fixed.

My solution was to shop. Probably not such a good thing based on our budget right now, but luckily I have an understanding husband who doesn't want me to die out there from dehydration. So, I found the North Face SailFin. Not a waist pack, because I want something that can carry a few extras during Swan Crest this year. It's a women's pack, so a much better fit than my last one. I'll try it during my 20 miler tomorrow and see how it goes. I've gotten used to monitoring my fluid intake with bottles of Heed, so I'll have to be more aware of drinking regularly. I also will only be able to take water so the bladder doesn't get all gross. Hopefully, I won't miss the Heed and the S-caps will take care of electrolytes.

More miscellaneous information..."So You Think You Can Dance" could seriously hurt my running ability. I can't seem to prevent the inevitable attempt to try out any interesting choreography myself (even though I'm too old and too inflexible to do it properly). My mind still thinks I can do the moves, and then I'm hobbling around the next day. And, the movie "White Nights" is on tonight. I'm dating myself, I know, but this remains one of my all time favorite movies. What female could resist Baryshnikov dancing to "My Love is Chemical?"

Enjoy your weekend!

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