Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Anyone suffer from it? Since I was young, I've struggled with sleep. My brain has never been able to shut off. I learned early on that I didn't need the amount of sleep that others do. However, I need SOME now and my body is not cooperating. For the past three weeks, I've tried everything - home remedies, reading in another room, lowering room temperature, avoiding caffeine, avoiding exercise too late at night, writing down my worries, etc. I've tried running less mileage. I've tried running more. I seem to finally drift off around 2am, but my sleep is still restless. I don't sleep in on the weekends, so my schedule stays about the same. This goes on for several days, then I'll hit one night where I actually sleep a full 6-7 hours. Unfortunately, that one night doesn't make up for the last ten nights. I'm soooooo tired. Any ideas - at least ones that do not include drugs, prescription or any other kind?

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