Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Attention Frank - this post is for you!

Last week, I was pulled over on a county road by a "dust regulation" officer. At first, I looked around for the candid camera crew. Then, the former paranoid city person took over and thought maybe it was someone trying to impersonate an officer. That was when I noticed the specially marked patrol car. When the officer asked for my license and registration, I was both irked and curious. I guess you don't get a ticket unless you are going at least 5 mph over the speed limit, and I was sent on my way with a verbal warning to drive slowly on county roads to minimize dust. Are you kidding me? A person actually gets paid for this - and gets a gun. Nothing personally against this particular officer or efforts to improve our environment, but based on my experiences this week, I could think of a few ways to better utilize this guy and the gun he was carrying. You can read more here...


Meghan said...

No way! Nuh uh! I thought this was a joke and I was going to click on your link to find out the punch line. Seriously, I would have laughed. Wow, good thing you didn't get a ticket!

Be careful on that dust there, missy! ;)


Iris said...

I know, right? Just found out that two of my friends did get tickets. I think Mythbusters needs to take this one on.