Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays!

There's not much to report on the running front. Changing jobs during the holidays is never a good thing. The long hours put in during the past two weeks, in addition to little daylight, have all but eliminated any extra time for running. I'm trying to remain patient and rational - the extra time off will hopefully benefit in the way of full heel recovery.

It is with some shopper's guilt that I share a few recent running related purchases. First, I bought these Asics "Trail" Shoes, the equivalent to my road running shoes. It really is a hybrid shoe. I've got my Hardrocks for nastier trails, but wanted something a little lighter that really fit my feet. I also got my first pair of gaiters from this website. Our local outdoors store had a great sale awhile back and I found another running skirt for 10 bucks! Not that we have to look good to run, but it can't hurt, right?

Other purchases included Nuun, Cliff Electrolyte, and Luna Moons, all in the pursuit of long run stomach comfort and cramp free legs!

In other news, I'll be heading home to North Dakota after the holidays. A trip home is always full of adventure, board games, puzzles, food, and creative ideas. For example, last year several of us jumped on the bandwagon of putting together a relay team for the Fargo Marathon. Only one of us had actually been running. The next day, we started the training by enduring a run in 10 degree, 30 mph wind, true ND weather. I am curious to find out what craziness we can generate this year...

My parent's home during any visit is full of energy with most of the activity happening in the kitchen. We become loud, opinionated, and fixated on cooking, but always with the happiness of just being together. The spouses that have joined our family usually sit back and observe the general chaos or escape to a quiet place whenever possible. Over the years, my mom has managed to dictate some unwritten rules regarding subjects for us to avoid. These include politics, welfare, religion, feminism, and absolutely anything to do with Bush (President, Jr., Sr., governor or otherwise). She has done this in the hope for peace at the dinner table, and for the most part, we stick to it and it works. I guess that means I won't be playing this song? Here's to my soon to be vacation!

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Danni said...

I love the skirt! I would like to try the nuun stuff. And the luna moons. So many fun products.