Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oh, how I've missed you

Trails, that is. This week's return to trail running was just what Buddy and my achy knees were needing. Other than last weekend's Wolf Creek Relay (race report and pictures hopefully coming soon), I've taken a good break from running.

We took a tour of Mount Ascension for a total 6.5 miles. Soooo quiet. A perfect morning.

Isn't Buddy such a good poser?

A view from the top. Grrr...beetles.


Anne said...

Just catching up...congrats on your marathon! Glad you were able to run :) Hope you're feeling better now...enjoy the trails!

Jo Lynn said...

Love the picture of Buddy on the single track trail. ;)

HappyTrails said...

Such a beautiful trail pic - and Buddy IS quite the model! Yes, the beetle kill is an awful thing. Enjoy the trails!

Ewa said...

Those trails are beautiful and you have quite a companion to run with you.
Enjoy your beautiful weather.

Stephanie said...

No wonder you have missed them - they are so pretty!

marmot said...

Fascinating trail and a cute running buddy..