Friday, October 23, 2009

My Favorites

I'm stuck at home with the flu. Can't go back to work until I've been fever free (without the help of Tylenol) for 24 hours. Blah. Bored. Can't run either. In my boredom, I thought about a few favorite running items I've added this year.

1) Athleta running capri - called the Walkabout Knicker, except I have it in black. So comfy that I really want the tights too! Most of the capris I've tried have been pretty thin fabric. These are a little thicker. My personal preference.

2) Drymax Lite Trail Crew - I keep reaching for these. My SmartWool are still keepers, but these are great.

3) GU - After trying Accel Gel, Hammer Gel, Clif Shot Blocks and Gels, Chomps, PowerGel, Luna Bites, etc. these are still my favorite. Maybe it's because GU was what I used for my first marathon. I like all of the flavors and the consitency better than any of the others. Plus, you can buy a 24 pack with all of the flavors from Zombie Runner.

4) Hammer Heed - some people hate it. I love it. Hardly any flavor and not sugary like other sports drinks. Around here, it's also pretty easy to find.

5) Polypro liner gloves under cheap Target mittens.
Layering keeps my hands dry and warm. In the past,
I've struggled with freezing hands that turn white.
All for now. Hoping you all stay germ free.


Jo Lynn said...

I still like Clif Blocks the best but (shhhhhh), they make me kind of gassy. DOH!
Gu Chomps are my second favorite and they don't give me that (ahem), little problem. :-/

Danni said...

I am in love with the Cliff Shot Roks. Those tights are Go Lite by the way (I'm pretty sure), and the capris are Athleta brand I think so the tights wouldn't necessarily be the same at all.

Iris said...

I got gassy from Hammer gel!

Danni - Both capris and tights are from the "Walkabout" line and in the Athleta catalog. I almost ordered them yesterday but couldn't justify doing so. I just bought shoe. :(